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Located on the U.S. Mexican border, Laredo, Texas, is the largest inland port in the United States. The international business law firm of Person, Whitworth, Borchers & Morales is positioned by geography and by our attorneys' capabilities to effectively represent businesses and individuals with international legal matters.

Most of our attorneys speak Spanish, and one (attorney Katrina Borchers Mohrer ) speaks Portuguese, so we are able to consult with and advise businesses on both sides of the border. Other law firms call on our experience to help understand Spanish or English legal terms. Contact us for assistance today.

San Antonio and Laredo Import-Export Laws Attorney • Se Habla Espaňol

We have worked extensively with importers and exporters. Clients often consult our in-depth knowledge of U.S. Customs laws and trucking laws and regulations. Our import-export lawyers have a thorough understanding of NAFTA regulations and issues.

International Contract Disputes

Our Texas international business lawyers help clients on both sides of the border resolve contract disputes. When a U.S. business has a claim against a Mexican company or when a Mexican business has a claim against a U.S. company, we can help clients establish and recover those claims. By gathering information on assets, bank accounts, and real property in the country of the plaintiff, we can attach or garnish those assets. We also defend businesses against international claims.

International Representation From South Texas Attorneys

Our law firm deals with Mexican law firms and American law firms on a regular basis. When you need effective legal representation in Mexico, we can refer you to the firm that fits your particular needs. If you need explanations of Spanish or English legal terms, we can help. Contact our law firm for a consultation regarding your international business needs.

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