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Since our law firm was founded in 1977, Person, Whitworth, Borchers & Morales has led the way in protecting landowners' rights and interests in South Texas. When leases are not followed, when royalties are not properly calculated or paid, or when an oil or gas company fails in its implied duties to you under the law, our law firm fights in court for the rights of our landowner clients.

Before you sign a surface lease or mineral rights lease or division order, protect your rights. Ask an experienced gas and oil lease attorney to review it.

If you receive a printed oil and gas lease form in the mail, call an attorney before signing.

Proper handling of oil and gas transactions up front can help avoid litigation later. However, when disputes arise, contact our law offices for skilled advice and representation.

Underpayment of royalties
Every lease can be different. Establishing a market value (through index prices and other sources) and assuring that oil and gas are measured properly can be challenging. Because our oil and gas litigation lawyers have extensive experience, we are able ensure that royalties owed to our clients are fairly paid.

Duty to Develop
Under Texas law, the operator may have an implied duty to develop the lease. If there is a lack of development, our gas and oil litigation law firm will consult with geophysicists, geologists, and petroleum engineers to analyze mineral properties and determine if and what type of mineral development a reasonable and prudent operator would have engaged in.

Duty to Protect Against Drainage
When a gas or oil reservoir extends beyond your lease boundaries and a well on a neighboring tract begins producing from such reservoir, your operator may be obligated under law to protect your interests.

Duty to Market
Once production is obtained, the oil or gas company has a duty to produce such production and pay according to your lease and Texas law.

Meeting Deadlines
Oil and gas leases often contain requirements to drill within an agreed time-frame. Minerals produced subsequent to a missed deadline may no longer be subject to the lease.

When an oil or gas company or a producer does not live up to the lease requirements or the implied duties of a lease, our experienced oil and gas litigation attorneys will protect our client's rights in court.

The attorneys at Person, Whitworth, Borchers & Morales serve clients in a professional, bilingual office environment, offering clients confidentiality and excellence in all legal matters. Our oil and gas litigation lawyers represent South Texas clients in Webb, Zapata, Jim Hogg, and Duval counties, including the communities of Laredo, Zapata, Hebbronville, Bruni, Freer, Rio Grande Valley, McAllen, Harlingen, Brownsville, San Antonio, Carrizo Springs, Eagle Pass, Crystal City, and Del Rio.

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