Oil & Gas Transactions

Texas Oil & Gas Royalties Lawyers

South Texas landowners, farmers and ranchers know that there could be value underneath their property. But what are your mineral rights worth? How can you be assured of receiving fair value for the natural gas or oil taken out of your property?

Before you sign a surface lease, mineral rights lease or division order, protect your rights.

Have you received a standard printed oil and gas lease form? We encourage you to have the lease reviewed by an experienced oil and gas lawyer before signing.

The oil and gas leasing attorneys at Person, Whitworth, Borchers & Morales do far more than make sure you have a legal, binding agreement with production companies and operators. We understand the gas and oil markets in South Texas as well as the laws involved.

Mineral Leases
Because our oil and gas lawyers have represented mineral owners for a long time, we have a feel for what the market will bear in South Texas. We will work with you to get fair compensation for your minerals. We will assist you in negotiating your lease bonus, make sure the time constraints are clear, and argue for the current market rates on your royalties.

Surface Leases
When our lawyers help you negotiate a pipeline easement, a surface site easement or a road agreement, we will analyze the circumstances and prepare a customized form of the agreement. If requested, the attorneys at our firm will also assist you in monitoring your surface lease agreement to make sure the companies and operators abide by the terms.

Seismic Agreements
Does an oil company want to perform a seismic survey on your property? Today's 3-D Seismic technology provides critical and valuable information to an oil and gas company. Before an oil and gas company is allowed access to your property, make sure you obtain a seismic agreement that protect your rights as the property owner. Our firm can assist you in obtaining a seismic agreement that protects your landowner rights.

Pooling Agreements
Is the oil or natural gas taken from your lease pooled with minerals under your neighbor's property? Make sure that pooling has bee done in good faith as required by Texas oil and gas law. If pooling is appropriate, make sure the proper administration of the pool is in place to accurately measure the production.

Water Rights
Does an oil or natural gas company want to use your water to perform drilling or operating activities on the property? Make sure that your water is protected and that you receive fair compensation.

Were all transactions carried out according to Texas laws and regulations? When disputes arise, make sure your interests are protected in an oil and gas litigation matter.

The oil and gas transactions lawyers at Person, Whitworth, Borchers & Morales understand the oil and gas marketplace in South Texas and they know Texas natural resource laws and federal laws. Protect your rights and interests by having any oil and, gas or related surface agreements reviewed by our attorneys before you sign.

The attorneys at Person, Whitworth, Borchers & Morales serve clients in a professional, bilingual office environment, offering clients confidentiality and excellence in all legal matters. Our oil and gas lease lawyers represent clients in Webb, Zapata, Starr, Jim Hogg, Duval, and Hidalgo counties, including the communities of Laredo, Hebbronville, Freer, Rio Grande Valley, McAllen, Harlingen, Brownsville, San Antonio, Del Rio, Crystal City, Zapata, Roma, and Eagle Pass.